Coastal Construction is one of the leading builders of lifestyle homes and commercial properties on the Coromandel.



Builders Whitianga: Beachfront Modern


We can build your dream house, within budget and with a high quality finish.

Builders Whitianga: Commercial


Large new constructions, or complex alterations to business premises.

Builders Whitianga: Landscaping


Concrete paths and fences to architecturally landscaped gardens.

Architectural elegance


Working with architects to deliver homes of style and sophistication, whatever your taste and budget.


Builders Whitianga: Stylish Interiors
Builders Whitianga: Stylish Interiors



Who said your beachfront home couldn't be ulta-modern and stylish?


Builders Whitianga: Landscaping
Builders Whitianga: Renovations 
Builders Whitianga: Renovations

Cost Optimised

We can build a home to suit your lifestyle and fit your budget.

Commercial buildings 


Complex new constructions and alterations or recladding of existing buildings.  From slab pouring to final finish.